Tanya L. Saunders, Ph.D.

Center for Latin American Studies

Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women's Studies Research

University of Florida

368 Grinter Hall; PO Box 115530

Gainesville, FL 32611-5530

Phone: +1.352.273.4720; Fax: +1.352.392.7682

E-mail: tanyasau@latam.ufl.edu


Master of Arts/Ph.D.            Department of Sociology, University of Michigan. May 2008.

Certificate:                            University of Amsterdam; Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and                                                    Society (Summer 2001)

Master of Public Policy        Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; University of Michigan, Ann                                                       Arbor Michigan 2001.

Bachelor of Arts                   St. Mary’s College of Maryland, St. Mary’s City Maryland 1998. Certificate of Hispanic Studies: University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain 1996.



African Diaspora Studies, Social Movements, Black Feminisms, Black Queer Studies, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Music, Sociology of Art, Coloniality Studies




Center for Latin American Studies: Center for Research on Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research; Associate Professor; University of Florida

Programa de Pós-graduação em Literatura e Cultura: Post-doctoral fellow Federal University of Bahia January-May, 2016

Department of African and African American Studies: Assistant Professor 2013-2015, Associate Professor 2016; The Ohio State University

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Postdoctoral Fellow Laboratório de Etnografia e Estudos em Comunicação, Cultura e Cognição Fulbright Scholar, 2011-2012

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA: Assistant Professor of Sociology 2009-2013; Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Harrisburg Area Community Colleges – Lancaster Campus. Adjunct Lecturer 2007-2009 Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Lehigh University Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA: Visiting Scholar/Predoctoral Fellow 2007-2008; Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-2009; Program in Africana Studies and Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI: Adjunct Lecturer; Fall 2006 Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Graduate Student Instructor, Department of Sociology 2006

Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Lecturer and Coordinator of Havana/Ann Arbor ExchangeGerald R. Ford School of Public Policy 2001                         

International research Affiliations

International Collaborator; Research Group Rasuras - Estudos de Práticas de Leitura e Escrita, Federal University of Bahia: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/6627930435931033   

International Collaborator;  Nucleus for AfroBrazilian Studies (NEAB-UDESC);    Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil

 Visiting Scholar Appointments/Postdoctoral Fellowships

Visiting Professor of Graduate Studies, Federal University of Bahia January-May, 2016, Salvador, Bahia

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Artistic Expression, African Diaspora Studies and Social Change in Brazil. Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. Fall 2014

Visiting Scholar El Instituto: Institute of Latina/o, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, University of Connecticut Fall 2012

Visiting Scholar: Tisch School of Performance Studies NYU. 2012-2013

Selected Honors and Awards

Solo-authored manuscript: Cuban Underground Hip Hop: Black Thoughts, Black Revolution, Black Modernity Awarded Honorable Mention for the Barbara Christian Prize for best book in the Humanities, announced at the 42nd Caribbean Studies Association Conference (2017)

2015-2017 Grant for Diversity and Academic Advancement Abdias do Nascimento CAPES/Brazil       (Collaborations building grant, Co-PI/Awardee)

2011-2012 Fulbright Scholar Award                                                                            

Lehigh University Predoctoral Fellowship in Africana Studies, 2007-2008             

Lehigh University Postdoctoral Fellowship in Africana Studies, 2008-2009                     

Inter-American Development Bank Consultant         2000                                                 

Institute for International Public Policy Master Degree Fellowship, 1999                             

Ohio State University Small Faculty Research Grant (2014)                                         

Lehigh University Women’s Center Student Award(2012)

Paul J. Franz Jr. Pre-Tenure Research Fellowship 2010                                          

Lehigh University College of Arts and Sciences

Lehigh University Faculty Research Grant 2010                                                      

United Way of Oxford Mississippi Fellowship UM School of Business 2000       

2012-2013 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (Alternate)   

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (Honorable Mention), 2007-2008          

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Internship 1998                       

Institute for International Public Policy Fellowship, 1996-2001


Hip Hop in Cuba 2015: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/commentary/sfl-cuba-even-controls-rap-and-hiphop-20150602-story.html

Guest Reading via Skype; “Reflexões sobre o Hip Hop, Mudança Social e da Academia”. Em Perifeminas 2. Frente Nacional das Mulheres no Hip Hop, São Paulo, Brasil. – Book release event. March 7, 2014.

Out-FM WBAI; New York, New York - guest appearance April 2, 2013

Hip Hop Mulher WebTV; São Paulo, Brazil – guest appearance, June 22, 2012   

The Hangout: Interview with Immortal Technique – Al Jazeera, May 30, 2012

Somos o Núcleo de Mulheres do Movimento Enraizados - Don@s da Arte Radio Show – interviewee, April 30, 2012

White Girls in Hip Hop: A Documentary Interviewee Film Release Date TBA

Video Consultant for: Reina D’ Mi Misma/Queen of Myself: Las Krudas CUBENSI d’ Cuba; a film by Celiany Rivera Velazquez

Saunders, Tanya and Celiany Rivera Co-Producers: T Con T: Lesbian Lives in Contemporary Cuba. (In post-production)

Scholarly Presentations

[Refereed presentations]

2017                 Author Meets Critic Panel Cuban Underground Hip Hop: Black Thoughts, Black                                   Revolution, Black Modernity  2017 NWSA Annual Conference: 40 YEARS AFTER                               COMBAHEE: Feminist Scholars and Activists Engage the Movement for Black                                 Lives, Baltimore, MD November 16-19, 2017

                          Cuban Black Feminist Praxis and Hip Hop Activism: An Analysis of Social Change                              in Contemporary Cuba. LASA2017 / Dialogues of Knowledge: XXXV International                            Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Lima, Peru April 29-May 1

                         Navigating Interdisciplinarity: Individual Strategies and Institutional Best Practices                             Sociologist for Women and Society Annual Conference, Alberquerquie New Mexico,                           Feb 10

                          Author Meets Public: Cuban Underground Hip Hop: Black Thoughts, Black                                          Revolution, Black Modernity, Beyond Homophobia, University of the West Indies,                                Mona, January 26

2015                Transnational Perspectives on Black Queer Activism: Reflections from Cuba and                                Brazil.  American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, August 22-25

                        The Global Reach of Cuban Hip Hop Feminism: A Comparison of Cuba and Brazil

Tenth Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies. The Cuban Research Institute Annual Conference. Florida International University, Miami, FL. February 26-28


Queer Left Activism / Queer Left Method. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. December 1-4.


Theorizing Anarco-Punk Hip Hop Feminism: A Case Study from Brazil. Hip hop and Punk Feminisms: Theory, Genealogy, Performance, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, December 5-6.

Decolonial Politics and Transnational Black Lesbian Activism: A Comparative Analysis of Hip Hop Feminism in Cuba and Brazil, the Caribbean Philosophical Association Annual Conference, November 21-24, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

 Black Girl Power: Hip Hop Women, Black Feminist and Black Queer Politics in

Brazil, The Association for the World Wide Study of the African Diaspora (ASWAD) Annual Conference, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 30-November 2

The Black Lesbian International: A Comparative Analysis of Black Lesbian Activist and Hip Hop Feminism in Brazil and Cuba, Black Sexual Economies Conference, St. Louis, IL, September 27-29

The Queer of Color Critique as a Challenge to Coloniality: An Analysis of Global

Queer Activism and Hip Hop Feminism in Cuba and Brazil, Critical Ethnic Studies Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, September 19-21


Global Hip Hop, Black Feminism and the Queer of Color Critique: An Analysis of Women-Centered Arts-Based Activism in Cuba and Brazil. American Studies Association Annual Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 15th-18th


Black Arts, Black Activism: Theorizing The Cuban Underground Hip Hop Movement. 6th Biennial ASWAD Conference, in Pittsburgh, PA., November 3-6

Black Thoughts, Black Activism: The Cuban Underground Hip Hop Movement and Afro-Latino Counter-Cultures of Modernity. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, August 19-21

I'm a Feminist, But I don't Hate Men" Sexuality and Feminist Identity in Cuban Hip Hop. Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, August 19-21

Las Krudas CUBENSI, Cuban Hip Hop and the Queer of Color Critique. Eastern Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, February 24-27


Globalizing Blackness: the Cuban underground Hip Hop Movement Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference, St. Peter, Barbados, May 24-28


Women of the World Unite!  Raperas Las Krudas CUBENSI, and Contemporary Sexual Politics in Cuba, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, August 8-11

 A Song For The People: Culture, Hip Hop Aesthetics and Political Participation In Contemporary Cuba. Latin American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 11-14

All the Homosexuals are Men and All the Women are Straight: How Heteronormativity Excluded Some Women from Cuba’s “Sexual Revolution. “The Measure of a Revolution, Cuba, 1959-2009. Queens University, Kingston, ON. May 7-9     


                          “The Alternative Music Scene, Underground Hip Hop and the Politics of Protest

                           Music,” American Sociological Association. Boston, MA. August 1-4

"The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Culture, Hip Hop Aesthetics and Political Participation In Contemporary Cuba,” 1968: Impact and Implications BSA Theory Study Group Conference in collaboration with Birkbeck Institute for Social Research. Birkbeck College, University of London. London, UK. July 3-4

“Where Are All the (Black) Women?  Thinking Race and Gender in Cuba's Underground Lesbian Scene,” Race, Sex, Power: New Movements in Black & Latina/o Sexualities Conference, University of Chicago. Chicago, IL. April 10-12

                        The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Race, Culture and Political Participation In                         Contemporary Cuba,” Bodies in Motion: Diaspora, Difference & Discursive                          Performances, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI. March 27 – 28

“The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Culture and Social Activism in Contemporary Cuba,” A Changing Cuba in a Changing World, Bildner Center, CUNY. New York, NY. March 13-15

“¿Comó Fue OREMI? The State and non-heteronormative identities in Havana, Cuba” (Panel Organizer), Bildner Center Conference: “A Changing Cuba in a Changing World,” Bildner Center, CUNY. New York, NY. March 13-15

[Sessions chaired or organized]

2017                Brazilian Black Feminist Artivisms and Activist Praxis. 2017 NWSA Annual                                          Conference: 40 YEARS AFTER COMBAHEE: Feminist Scholars and Activists                                     Engage the Movement for Black Lives, Baltimore, MD November 16-19, 2017


The  Multiple  Dimensions  of  Black  Brazilian  Women's  Subjectivities. The Association for the Worldwide Study of the African Diaspora. Charleston, SC, November 4-7th


Black Feminist and Black Queer Theory in the Americas. The National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico. November 13-16th


Gendering African Diaspora Studies and Black Cultural Politics: Perspectives from Brazil. The Association for the World Wide Study of the African Diaspora (ASWAD) Annual Conference, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 30-November 2 


Women of the Black Atlantic: Transnational Black Feminism and Global Hip Hop Movements," Panel Organizer/Chair. Latin American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 11-14


“Gendered, Racialized and (Hetero)Sexualized Public Spaces in Cuba’s Alternative Music Scene,” (Panel co-organized with Ashley Currier), North Central/Midwest Sociological Association. Chicago, IL. April 7


[Invited Lectures/Conference Panels]


2017                Invited guest speaker at Reflections of a Culture Outlaw, a lecture given by artist,                              writer and producer Steven Marcus at the Miami-Dade public library, Miami, Florida,                            November 8th

                         Space and Representation: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Cuban Women; Discussant                           LASA2017 /Dialogues of Knowledge: XXXV International Congress of the Latin                               American Studies Association April 29-May 1

                        Keynote/Book Talk: Cuban Underground Hip Hop at Miami University, April 24

                        Class Guest Lecture: Prof. Phil Williams, University of Florida, Feb 20

                        A Gendered Analysis of Tupac Shakur, University of Florida, January 31

                        Keynote/Book Talk, Primero Festival NaturArte, January 4-6, Havana, Cuba

2016                Class Guest Lecture: Feminist Research Methods, Prof. Kendal Broad, University of                            Florida, November 1

                        Keynote: 1er Festival Internacional de Rap Femenino en Cuba ‘Somos Mucho Más’

                        September 1-4, Havana, Cuba Mesa de Abertua For II Simpósio de Estudos de                                  Gênero e Diversidade Sexual/VI Semana do Orgulho LGBT UFSCar Sorocaba, São                          Paulo

                       Reflexões sobre raça, gênero, sexualidade e projectos libertáros numa perspectiva                           queer:

                                   - Federal University Tocantins Miracema campus 05/18

                                  - Campus de Palmas 05/19

                                   -  Campus de Porto Nacional 05/23

                      Feminsmo Pa’ Quien?: Os Debates de Negras Feministas no Hip Hop Cubano:                                  CEFET/RJ in Rio de Janeiro 13 de maio

                      Diálogo sobre Lesbianidade Negra at UFRB, hosted by L.E.S. 11 de maio

                      Artivismo e Hip Hop Feminismo: Perspectivas de Cuba. Organized by the Angela                              Davis Collective on Black Feminist Research,  Federal University of Recôncavo,                                   Bahia, April 15

                       Black Queer Theory Em Perspectivas Globais. Federal University of Bahia – São                                 Lázaro. Organized by the Nocleo of Interdisciplinary Studies about Women, The                                 Graduate Program in Feminist Studies, Cor da Bahia, The Program in Diversity                                   Studies and Gender at UFBA.

                       Guest Lecture: Global Black Queer Studies: Federal University of Bahia, April 15                                 hosted by NIEM and the Postgraduate program in Feminist Studies

                       EUA e Brasil: Letramentos de Reexistência: HIP HOP e o fio da Diáspora Africana                             nas Américas. Keynote Lecture. GELCI - Grupo de estudos sobre linguagens,                                     culturas e identidades, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preito, March 10.

                       Book Talk: Cuban Underground Hip Hop. Organized by the Diversity and Identity                               Studies Collective at OSU (DISCO), January 20


Thematic Session. Where is the Sex in Sexuality Studies. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, August 22-25


Hip Hop Feminismo Transnacional: Perspectivas de Cuba e Brasil. Universidade Pontifica Catolica, São Paulo, Brazil. November 26

Hip Hop and Urban Social Movements in Latin America: Notes from Cuba and Brazil. University of Cincinnati. September 8

Faculty Presentation. Pop! Steam Factory. Columbus, OH. April 23.

Author Meets Public Guest Lecture. (Skype Lecture) Perifeminas Book Release. São Paulo, Brazil. March 7.

Global Perspectives to Qualitative Research Methods, Graduate Course in Qualitative Research Methods. (Skype Lecture).  Taught by Angela Gustus. Sojourner Truth College, Baltimore, MD February 12.

Transnational Black Lesbian Politics and Hip Hop. 2014 Sexuality Studies Lecture Series: New OSU Faculty in Sexuality Studies. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. January 27


Author Meets Critic panelist for Out in Africa: LGBT Organizing in Namibia and South Africa by Ashley Currier, National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, November 7-10, Cincinnati, OH

The Hip Hop Feminist International: An Analysis of Hip Hop Activism in Cuba and Brazil, Hip Hop Studies Days, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY, October 24

Global Perspectives to Qualitative Research Methods. Graduate Course in Qualitative Research Methods (Skype Lecture).  Taught by Angela Gustus. Sojourner Truth College, Baltimore, MD February 6.


A diáspora africana nas Américas como fonte de conhecimento, Festival de Mulher Afrolatino Americana e Caribenha. Brasilia, Brazil. July 23

Reflexões Negras, Revolução Negra: Hip Hop Cubano e Contra-Culturas de Modernidade, Universidade do Estado de Bahia, (UNEB-DEDC), Salvador Campus, Bahia, Brazil, July 18

Produção Cultural e Activismo Cubano: Uma analise do Hip Hop Underground e da Critica de Cor Queer: Universidade do Estado de Bahia, UNEB, Alagoinhas Campus, Bahia, Brazil, July 19th

Hip Hop Global e Mudança Social: Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Rio de Janeiro, June 6

O Circuito África/Brasil a partir de experiências de viagens e pesquisa:

CECAFRO-PUCSP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Centro de Estudos Africanos e da Diáspora), PUC-SP, São Paulo, Brazil, May 05 


Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Caribbean, Lehigh University, PA, November 28

Notes on Cuban Hip Hop and Artistic Activism and Havana’s Urban Space, Caribbean City Landscapes, Rutgers University, NJ, February 17


Reina de Mi Misma: Las Krudas CUBENSI d’ Cuba: Film Screening and Panel Discussion, New York University, NY, November 10.

Globalized Hip Hop: Power from the Margins to the Mainstream: Interdisciplinary Panel and Discussion, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, November 5.

 Gênero, Musica e Politica: O HIP-HOP e a presença lésbica em Cuba, Department of Anthropology and the Laboratório de Etnografia e Estudos em Comunicação, Cultura e Cognição, a CNPq Research Group, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 8.           

Hip Hop and the African Diaspora: Comments, Universidade Federal Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, June 18.

Film Screening and Discussion: Frekuencia Kolumbiana Presented at: Cultural Journeys Through the African Diaspora: Interdisciplinary Conference: April 22-24. City University of New York.

Guest Lecture: Qualitative Research Methods.  Department of Sociology and Anthropology course in Research Methods, Professor Matthew Sanderson. Lehigh University.  March 25.

MLK Brown-bag Participant on Social Justice. Lehigh University. January 26.  


Guest Lecture and Discussion with Dr. Ivor Miller in the course Comparative Politics: Vera Fennell Instructor, September 15.


Culture, Politics and Social Revolution: A Critical Analysis of Cuba's Underground Hip Hop Movement.” Sponsored by AYA: African American Studies Graduate Students, Temple University, November 21st                       

Fresa y Chocolate - Film and Discussion,” Sponsored by Latin American Studies, Office of Multicultural Affairs and LGBTQA Lehigh University, PA. October16th

“The Cuban Remix: Underground Hip Hop and the Politics of Protest Music,” Rutgers University Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, October 14           

The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Culture and Political Participation In Contemporary Cuba, Introduction to Global Studies, Instructor: Jack Lule, Lehigh University, PA. April 15  

Underground Hip Hop Feminism and Social Activism: Reflections on Cuba’s ‘Third Revolution’,” Rebels and Revolutionaries: Female Activists in American History, 1800-Present, Instructor: Holly Kent. Lehigh University, PA. April 14

The Cuban Remix: Rethinking Culture and Political Participation In Contemporary Cuba,” Program in Africana Studies Public Lecture, Lehigh University, PA. February 21


Languages            Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese